A Dark & stormy night   Leave a comment

 It was a drak and stormy night.the wind was howling ,the trees were bending to the will of the night and an eerie calm was in the air.

  Who is  sitting on my legs.Why are there bugs biting me.Oh my is this another dream or has an intruder taken residence in my home?My heart is pounding,what should I do?Do I risk moving in fear of injury or pain.

Just breath relax,count to ten,but I can’t anxiety is setting in.

Quick peek at the alarm clock it’s only 2:30,why am I awake?

Why am I in pain why …ME?

We have all been through something like this.If you have Ankylosing Spondylitis you know what I mean.

If you don’t have Ankylosing Spondylitis and are reading this then congradulations you have just got an insight of what some of us if not all go through.

It’s not pretty,it’s not cool.This is a disease that all of my beloved friends and I are going to battle for the rest of our lives and we just want a little support from our friends and family and everyone else who can give a piece of their heart to a group of people who suffer every single day.

If you believe this to be true help me by re-posting this.

Love you all…Ron

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So Happy to Just Be   Leave a comment

Another lovely day because I have just made a lovely new friend today.

Always a great time when you make friends.This one is a news anchor and a lovely person.

I have washed my hands of the old “friends” that didn’t really care about my condition.It’s invigorating you can feel re-born without the negative energy.All positive from here on out.

Now the campaign will continue and hopefully one day we can pool all of us into a Mega-Campaign of awareness.

I am just asking all of you other ASer bloggers for a little help.

I am slowly regaining my composure for writing so if anyone could give me hints,besides writing from the heart and blog prompts,which is a good idea,but I need you all to remain a part of my life.

We all need this community.Let us all stick together.This disease is the tie that binds us.But our strength comes from one another.

Strong…together..we will be,Weak…apart we shall become!

love you all….Your Friend Ron

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Coming Back to Life   1 comment

 I know I have been absent for some time but I am slowly coming back.

My mission is Absolute.Everyone will know about AS,and someday we will find a cure that is my wish.

I have been a bachelor for a lifetime now so I have nothing taking my time from writing.No kids,no wife,no reason for me to be unable to post.

Relied on supposed friends with uneventful invites that seem to change.Then I have decided to change my friends,actually remove them from my life.

I wake up everyday forcing myself out of bed.Checking my posture in the mirror,checking my hips for alignment,usually out.Taking my pills,10 minutes on the Eliptical,eating breakfast when i have the appetite to do so.

Yes I hate this disease just as much as any other Aser out there.

But I will be.

Sometimes just being is enough.

More than that doing something positive is kinda like therapy,actually it is Therapy just to do something to make yourself better and in a small way perhaps help somebody else.

My name is Ron,and I have Ankylosing Spondylitis.Does anybody else have anything to share?

Until next time………………….Ron

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Cleaning out my Closet   Leave a comment

It is time to clean out my life of uneccesary people and frivolous thoughts and ideas that impede my productivity.

I have been silent for too long and have left this campaign fall to the wayside by hanging out with a group of people that just want to have fun but don’t really care to know about AS.

Changing the way I do things to better myself and discarding the negative.

Proving to myself that my goals will be reached.

one day I will get there

Thanks for listening


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Learning to Fly   Leave a comment

Hello my friends!I had a horrible flare-up yesterday after getting some upsetting news!It’s amazing how  stress can cause such physical pain!

But today I am letting go of that stress!We are all adults here and we have a purpose and a common goal!

Bring awareness of Ankylosing Spondylitis so one day we can find a cure!!

Nothing should stop that!That is why we are here!That is why we post!That is why we share!

I am doing my best to be stronger and more articulate with these blogs!Any ideas will help alot!

My inspiration is the dedication and passion of two women who have touched so many!I will do all I can to carry that torch!

I hope we can all ban together with this common goal and get real acknowledgement for this campaign!

We are one of the biggest communities online,let’s hope that one day the media and medical professionals will hear our pleas and the public will truely understand one day!

I am Learning to Fly solo for now but I invite my mentors to join in and stand with me side by side!

Love you all for standing tall wih me!

Your Friend


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I am Angry Again   Leave a comment

Our friends have parted but should that let us down?No but I feel le down but this isn’t a playground!

I will do the best that I can and invite either one to help me!

If they choose not to join in then I will end this blog and all support of AS everywhere!Why bother?My mentors can’t work towards a common goal then why should I bother !Right…..Kelly….Right Jenna!

I thought I was a Friend ……RON

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It’s not the Destination it’s the Journey   Leave a comment

Well here I am on my own!

Without my mentors to guide me!

Bear with me I am an IDIOT wearing Rose Tinted Glasses!

I will do the best that I can,but without Kelly and Jenna yo guide me ,I don’t know how well this will go!

I need their strength and courage and guidance!

I Love those ladies with all of my heart!

I am gonna go it alone for now unless they want to weigh in!

I need your HELP!!

Love always, RON

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